Just a bet | The MISSION|A Jizzie Story|

Just a bet | The MISSION|A Jizzie Story|

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JeghanBabyy By RauraKLMJizzie Updated Nov 26

Lizzie an 18yrs old girl just moved from America to England. She schooled in a well-known school in England called England Academy. On her first day, everyone was looking at her and someboys fell inlove with her. While some didnt one example was Joel. He didnt like Lizzie at all but when his friends gave him a bet to win Lizzie's heart he accepts it and tries his bet to make her fall inlove with him.. In that process Joel starts falling inlove with her even more.. And so does Lizzie. What if one day, Lizzie finds out it was all just a bet. And everything was torned apart..


Lizzie:(tears up) J-Joel... I-I thought you loved me?

Joel: Lizzie.. I do..(wipes the tears of her face)

Lizzie:(throws/yanks his hands away from her) Dont touch me! You LIAR!

Joel: Lizzie.. Please.. I love you very much.. I learned to love you on the process of that bet. And I regret even saying yes to that bet. 

Lizzie: NO! You're just a freaking Liar! I hate you for using me! We're through! And I would never ever want to see you again!(leaves)

Joel:(Grabs her arm)(tears up) No.. Lizzie. You dont mean that. Lizzie please I love you so so so much..

Lizzie:(yanks his hand away from her) I did mean it.. Now leave me alone..(leaves)

Joel:(tears up and kneels on the ground) What have I done? I lost the love of my life.. Because of this stupid bet.. Why did I even say yes to it?

Instead of putting things in parentheses say what they did as there doing it...ex...I got up and checked my phone and my tweets were exploding! I couldn't believe it!
If you put beautiful right off the back it sounds like hes being TOO straight forward so try putting very pretty unless they really know each other...just a tip.😉😉
CazzieKitty CazzieKitty Aug 24
England wears school uniform (I have to have a skirt with a logo a blazor with logo and pe stuff with a logo)
That'll make it a little more of a story look instead of a play or something....sorry if that sounds rude I'm not trying to be
jennahood18 jennahood18 Jul 16
U didn't say the hair so can the hair be a French Braid that she puts on the side
I knew it was gonna be Joel but I read it has dead 😂😂😂