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A TwilightNardo Love Story

A TwilightNardo Love Story

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Raven Queen By kiana1506 Completed

Leonardo has always been the leader of his team,but his brothers never respect him and always make of him.Twilight Sparkle has always been an outcast girl who always get bullied by her classmates.Both Leo and Twilight have the same problem and wishes that there was someone out there who can understand each of them.But little do they know that one wish could bring these two together

Raph..Lay one finger in Leo and your going to get it(Nice job Raven I love this so much your my fav youtuber! I'm LeoxTwilight Shipmaster101 by the way$
Sci-Twi16 Sci-Twi16 Jul 10, 2016
This is really good so far. 👍 Awesome as always. I especially liked how you used to sing Go The Distance. It really fits Leo's character
Fangthedrawer Fangthedrawer Jul 28, 2016
I luv ur channel Raven  when I'm older I will subscribe to you
leoninjaturtle11 leoninjaturtle11 Dec 16, 2016
calm down Leonardo! and you shut up Rapheal! *splits them up*
LilyValley3000 LilyValley3000 Dec 29, 2016
Ok that's it! *Uses magic to separate them* ok look leo I know it's hard to get Raph to listen to your plans but you need to calm down. And Raph you just need to not let your anger take over cause it's going to get pointless.
RomanticWaltz2764 RomanticWaltz2764 Sep 24, 2016
Me: *covers mouth with meh hand with shock "Oh dear God, please don't let this end up badly. . . 0.0"*