My Dearest Omega

My Dearest Omega

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Crystal Vermillion By CrystalVermillion Updated Sep 25

Dear Hidden One,

I don't know who your mate is, but he is worthless for not being able to find his own mate.
I am an alpha, and it is my duty to ensure the happiness of my pack. 
You're in my pack, so I promise that I'll help you find your happiness.
I promise.

-The Alpha
My Dearest Series

I will wait until this story have the same chapters as my dearest Alpha. I don't mind reading it from first again...
@Libra157 it's not necessary, but it would help you understand more if you read 'My Dearest Alpha' . That book is about letters from the hidden one and this one is about letters from the alpha. It depends on who's point of view you want to read. I recommend 'My Dearest Alpha', though.
sumonejust sumonejust Jul 23
I liked the first part of this book My Dearest Alpha and here I am reading the second one !