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Tough Love (Error Sans and Ink Sans X Reader)

Tough Love (Error Sans and Ink Sans X Reader)

30.1K Reads 906 Votes 15 Part Story
ShadowPokeBrine By ShadowGirl234 Completed

Error Sans hated you, but Ink Sans showed his feelings to you right away....what happens when Error falls in love with you? Would Ink and Error fight for your hand or would they abandon you entirely?

Xx_Mafia_Nix_xX Xx_Mafia_Nix_xX Dec 28, 2016
Name : Shadow
                              Fave Food : Cookies And Milk
                              Hair Color : Dark Red With White Edges
                              Eye Color : Sky Blue
Cptcptp Cptcptp Dec 29, 2016
The only problem I have with xreaders (other then when the book sucks or turns out to just be an author insert half way through :>>>>>>) is the E/C thing
                              I DUNNO WHAT COLOR MY EYES ARE THEY CONFUSE ME
Light_Flower808 Light_Flower808 Oct 15, 2016
Maka             chicken            chocolate brown               purple
Petalwolf Petalwolf Feb 01
Name: Amber
                              Fave Food: Does Not Have One
                              Hair Color: Dirty Blonde 
                              Eye Color: Light Blue               
                              (thats the way I look irl but my name aint Amber xD)
WDGaster66 WDGaster66 Sep 10, 2016
Pink anime hair
                              Yellow anime eyes
                              Raw Ramen noodles(yaaaaa)
                              Neon orange
                              Fav food:fettuccine 
                              Hair color:blonde with silver highlights
                              Eye color:navy blue