Bewitched By Death { DL x Reader }

Bewitched By Death { DL x Reader }

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☾V E G A☽ By DazedGalaxyCat Updated Oct 21, 2016

"Everything changes and, somewhere along the line, I'm changing with it." - Eric Burdon

Previously known as - Slowly Changing

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Self Harm, Depression, Panic/Anxiety Attacks, Torture, Stalking, Hallucinations.

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Superman_Yoosung Superman_Yoosung Apr 09, 2017
He had it coming, 
                              He had it coming,
                              He only had himself to blame<
- - Aug 30, 2017
My name is Victoria, so I'll just think that I'm named after my Grandfather.
It is very common in Japan actually. For first names and last names to end with I.
Wow this story is really good! Normally when I read Diabolik Lovers books,  the character is a Mary Sue,  or hates Yui, or is so completely helpless! It's nice to see there are still good authors out there!
KiraDemonFox KiraDemonFox Sep 10, 2017
Ok every thing is right except for one thing I am really sadistic
XxXcamXxX XxXcamXxX Apr 08, 2017
when you're really short so you're not even close to the height -5'1.5". (amazing character outline btw)