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Hearts of Pandore (Part 2): The Voyage of the Pirate Gypsy

Hearts of Pandore (Part 2): The Voyage of the Pirate Gypsy

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strawberry-chan By strawberrykiller37 Updated Dec 22, 2010

In the Realm of Pandore: there are two sides, Lytian and Darkora. Both are mortal enemies, locked in an ancient feud of hatred. One day, the two Princesses from Lytian: Rayne and Braelyn are kidnapped and taken to Darkora as the affect of a twisted war between the nations. Two strangers come across them, and set them free from their captors. Luke and Ryden agree to help them get back to their homeland, although their motives remain a mystery. Along the way they are swept up by pirates and taken on an adventure to find the Key that grants them access to their home. However, while they go in search of the key, they might uncover deadly secrets.

rockmysocks rockmysocks Feb 11, 2011
@nicollettenikki So I take it that you're an otaku as well? :3  Kingdom Hearts drawings look nice, btw ;)
                              @strawberrykiller37 Sorry, I feel like we're having a convo on your story!! Dx  
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Feb 11, 2011
@rockmysocks I played the video game series and read most of the manga.. 
rockmysocks rockmysocks Feb 10, 2011
@nicollettenikki That's cool! :D  I've read the manga a bit, but that's all :[  
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Feb 10, 2011
@rockmysocks Yes I know PandorE the bookcover is pretty sweet. Kingdom Hearts started out as a video game then went on to become a manga series and then an anime.. Hopefully someday it will become an awesome movie! 
rockmysocks rockmysocks Feb 10, 2011
@nicollettenikki I thought it was a manga? :3  Or anime! xD
                              Or it could've been a video game first... Dx  I don't know these things ;)
                              Cool book cover!  You know PandorE right? :D
nicollettenikki nicollettenikki Dec 24, 2010
@strawberrykiller37 Its a video game.. and Well I love what you've done for this single character I created for you.. It always blows me away at your depth for the details..