Painted Flowers

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chelseaneil By chelseaneil Updated 4 years ago
Rosalin May Burn is Alpha Female of BloodLust pack, she is convinced she can do everything in her power to seek revenge for her dead mother. Without her mother to care for her anymore, she is left with her bitter and twisted step father, Robert and her seven year old brother, Matt. Rosalin is mateless and is threatened by various rogues everyday - she is powerful, strong and gives no mercy. What happens when a sexy, smart new wolf comes in town; her real mate. She finds him, welcoming him into her pack; but for what price? Everyone is happy for her, they just can't explain the bad vibe that radiates from him. He's a bad boy, yet she can't stay away for him. Soul mates are meant to stay together, but what will happen when a secret that links to Rosalin is revealed. Will she forgive everything he's done, or will she forget the one person she was meant to trust and risk losing him forever.
Its good a little short but good has good descriptions and seems to have a interesting plot line right off the bat
This pretty short but good. I like the description you've got. Voted!
Wow this is amazing !!!! , I really like where this is heading :) u are a very imaginitive writer :) plz do upload more *voted*
aw! this is kinda a sad start. your use of description is really good though. I feel really bad for- a dead mom, an abusive step dad; that's just so sad. Awesome start though, continue with this, i like your writing a lot, and it was a really interesting start<3