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Your Mom. By XxJustKeepDreamingXx Updated Jun 21, 2014

Forbidden. The sea was Forbidden. 

They say it's cursed. 

But something about it just intrigues me. It so mysterious and beautiful. The way, no one has enough courage to even go near it, Those untamable, rapid waves. 

My Mother always tells me, No matter how much I want to, I'm not allowed in it. Although, That doesn't stop me from finding a way. 

I would be the only one in it, No one else would even dare, It would be mine. All the beauty. 

But, Cursed ? What do they mean cursed ? Is that even possible ?

Even my Brother is to scared to walk by the dunes. I have though. Nothing happened, Although, I realized how much more I wanted to jump in. 

I don't know why it's 'Cursed''. My Mother won't tell me. She says I am to young to know. But, I'm 15, How is that to young ? 

I'm going to find out. Find out how a sea could possibly forbidden. 


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