Special Tutoring [Completed!]

Special Tutoring [Completed!]

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Vardin By Vardin Completed

WARNING! Erotic content in Chapters 1,2, 4-6, 8, 16 and 18 (ok, I give up counting). It's been marked mature anyway...sigh.

Question: What was the best way to improve my grades without having to rely on my over-achieving sister and nerds to do my homework?
Answer: Get the cutie undergrad next door to tutor me. The only problem is how he wants to be paid.

How the budding romance between a somewhat naive yet bitchy cheerleader with a superhero complex & a foreign transfer undergraduate with a hidden past spills over into the lives of the people around them.

*started on 22 Aug 13*

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Am I the only one who hates all the words used to describe her vagina?
Wait i swear theres a manga with the same concept but reversed roles?
Xxopex Xxopex Aug 17
She literally says almost everything you shouldn't say in the situation 😒
younggl younggl Jun 09
First he wanted sex, now he wants to play the violin 😂 this nigga
Yeah, that's too bad. The parents jump in her sh*t about poor grades but say nothing about marked improvement bc hey already knew that she could do better. 🤔
I had a teacher with the same name when I was in elementary school at ccae