Fairy Tail: Nightmares and Feelings ❖ (A NaLu Fan Fiction) {Sequel to I.W.A.F!!}

Fairy Tail: Nightmares and Feelings ❖ (A NaLu Fan Fiction) {Sequel to I.W.A.F!!}

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It's after the Grand Magic Games, and Fairy Tail is enjoying every moment of the fame and glory they've achieved by being the strongest guild in Fiore.  After the Eclipse and the dragon invasion, everyone in Fairy Tail is just enjoying the fact of being safe and back to normal.
However, trouble always seems to find a way back to the notorious guild of Fairy Tail.
No one can forget the crazy experience of the Black Being and Virel Essence, and how Lucy almost died protecting them all.  Ever since then, Natsu hasn't left Lucy's side; well, besides exclaiming their feelings for each other, that would be common.  But what happens when...things come back you thought were gone forever?  Lucy claims she keep's seeing Virel everywhere, out in the open.  And when she goes back to where it all took place, Lucy's suspicions are confirmed.
Virel is back.
And he's not just back to get revenge on Fairy Tail; he's got a whole new plan in mind.  Realizing this, Lucy's friends fear that Lucy will be targeted again, and they all work to find where Virel is located.  Virel has a huge and despicable plan, and in order to stop him, everyone has to band together to finally put an end to this evil mage.
Return to the world of "Fairy Tail: Invincible Wills and Feelings" - my personal most successful story, and join Natsu and Lucy as they face the biggest crisis they have yet, with returning nightmares and passionate feelings!
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"Original and unique!" --xxfantasylover ; 

"I am crying oh my gosh this story was incredible.  I read the whole thing in one sitting!  I have been looking for good NaLu fan fictions and my friend told me about you and this story!  I'm so glad I came here!" --InspirationalName ;
"...one of the best NaLu fan fics I've read!" --CrimsonRose ;

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a_purpleberry a_purpleberry Dec 24, 2015
You're a really really good fanfiction author! I adore all your books about Nalu! But, I have to say, the last book of this was AMAZING!! Keep up the good work! <3
EllaJosephine EllaJosephine Apr 07, 2015
So everyone survives right, since there's an epilogue to the 1st with everyone okay??? Please??
Firedragon022 Firedragon022 Jul 25, 2014
Where did you find your backround can you plz tell me................. and your story was amazing :D
SeranLover SeranLover Feb 01, 2014
oh my god! after reading invincible wills and feelings, i HAD to read this story! i love you're NaLu fanfics and it adds that I'm a NaLu chick! XD
franfictions franfictions Nov 06, 2013
I really love your NaLu fanfictions and I'm actually writing one right now. Would love you to review my fanfic <3 it would mean a lot.
CuppyCakez CuppyCakez Sep 11, 2013
Love the Cover ^O^ 
                              I just finished some of your stories and now I'm reading this. I'm sure that I'll fall in love with this one xD