Dare Your OC! [OPEN]

Dare Your OC! [OPEN]

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MUHAHAHA >:3 By JCWine Updated Jan 09

Welcome everyone! :D Jace here! I'm not gonna really explain the stuffs in here so come on in and have fun xD

This is literally the best description I've ever done :P

Peace out <3

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I dare any of your OC's to have a dance battle with my oc Celia. (Her info and picture is in my art book)
KailHope KailHope Jun 03
Can my oc Kail and ur oc Zora battle off to see who's the smartest.
                              Kail is a 14 year old girl who has technicolor shirt and short hair. She also is crafty and is skilled with a knife. She also is very smart and competitive but has two personalities
ReganTrash ReganTrash Jul 12
here we go
                              take any one of your OC's, and my OC Elliott.
                              Elliott is a neko.  He has brown kinda curly hair, fluffy ears and a tail.  His eyes are green and he's really pale and likes to wear skirts.
                              the dare?  Fashion contest.
_nikuniku _nikuniku Sep 06, 2016
                              I've never seen your work before so just seeing this one picture is just-
                              It's so amazing-
CatFullbuster CatFullbuster Oct 01, 2016
I dare My Of Cinder a half demon street fighter to play spin the bottle with your original ocs
Kgsearev Kgsearev Sep 16, 2016
I dare my Oc Skena to do a science project with Billy! :3 ( if you need a ref of her  just tell me! )