Dare Your Ocs! [OPEN]

Dare Your Ocs! [OPEN]

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Jace By JCWine Updated Aug 10

Welcome everyone! :D Jace here! I'm not gonna really explain the stuffs in here so come on in and have fun xD

This is literally the best description I've ever done :P

Peace out <3

                              I've never seen your work before so just seeing this one picture is just-
                              It's so amazing-
I dare My Of Cinder a half demon street fighter to play spin the bottle with your original ocs
I dare my Oc Skena to do a science project with Billy! :3 ( if you need a ref of her  just tell me! )
- - Jul 16
Hello~ xD I'm not here to request, but I just simply love your arts! Its like my friend's one; its so amazeballs. and I'm like, can stare it everyday :3 so adios and good day~
I dare my OC Benny to take on any of your OC at a game of chess. He's okay at chess, but the pieces are different colors because they are made of souls. Benny is a Grim Reaper that likes risks.
I dare my OC goofymoon to.   And your OC. To.  Complain as each other XD