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Socially isolated. Social anxiety. Depression. 

Diagnosed with all three mental disorders at the tender age of eighteen, Moira Neverson knew she would never be the same again, and with the hopes of fixing her, Moira's parents wasted no time sending their youngest daughter to the best halfway house in San Antonio, Texas.

Even though her progress to overcome her disorders increased measly after spending six years at the facility, her psychologist gave Moira the okay to be discharged and live amongst society once again. 

Now at twenty-four, and use to being in solitude, Moira feels that the world outside the closed walls of the halfway house is a world she has no business in, and that being alone and not coming into contact with anyone is exactly how she should live.    

But that can come into a sudden change when an overwhelmed teenage runaway and an injured ex-convict appear on your doorstep.

        ━ book one of the ❝strange encounter series❞ 
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