Male reader inserts

Male reader inserts

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Sasha By MsTsubaki Updated Feb 14

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Percy Jackson and the fan art isn't mine. Only the idea for this one-shot belongs to me. 

Warning: Mentions of self harm, depression and suicide.

<Male reader's POV>

   It wasn't fair. 

   I felt my heart shatter. How is this fair? Why don't I deserve happiness? Nothing, and I mean nothing good has ever happened to me. 

Except meeting him. 

   But here I stand. Having the single most important thing to me being taken from me. It was only a few months ago when Percy started going out with Annabeth. Nico was heartbroken, much like I am now. And I was the one there to help him. Not Percy, not even Hazel, ME. So why does Nico only see him? Why can Nico only love him? It's not fair I shouted repeatedly in my head. 

   I never knew my parents. But from what I've been told my father left my mother after having me and she wasn't able to take care of me so she put me up for adoption. I had never been adopted though. So I lived my life ho...

space98warrior space98warrior Jul 27, 2016
This was really good *slowly crawls into box and cries* just a story, just a story ❤️😭