Natural Enemies (Blake Belladona X Wolf Faunas Male Reader)

Natural Enemies (Blake Belladona X Wolf Faunas Male Reader)

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I'm gonna start every story with a Bio. As in your weapons, appearance and semblance.

(Y/n) (L/n) 
Race: wolf faunas
Weapon: Dark Death (the hole in the middle will be a dust compartment).
Appearance:Mid length (h/c) hair with blue tips. Black and (f/c) hoodie (the orange part in the photo below is going to be your (f/c)), black under shirt, black pants and black combat boots.
Semblance: "Shadow Leap" you can travel thourgh shadows and manipulate them.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I'm on a family vacation tomorrow I'll  be back home so I'll try to update the first chapter tomorrow. 

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YaBoiNess YaBoiNess Jun 09, 2017
well my favorite color is Orange so i guess it will just be this
When she said black and orange all I could think was the Naruto jacket
zaelia111 zaelia111 May 05, 2017
Coincidentally now that I have died my hair I actually have blue hair at the tips of it
xl_VIXEN_lx xl_VIXEN_lx Aug 05, 2016
Are the blades from "Darker Than Black"? They look similar to Hei's electrical blade.
Alex_the_kitsune Alex_the_kitsune Sep 10, 2016
We could be an assassin like from assassin creed with our appearance and abilities.
I_Am_Zenith I_Am_Zenith Jan 05, 2017
Well, consider me disgruntled. I think red tips suit me more. I mean red and black are my colours.