Natural Enemies (Blake Belladona X Wolf Faunas Male Reader)

Natural Enemies (Blake Belladona X Wolf Faunas Male Reader)

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I'm gonna start every story with a Bio. As in your weapons, appearance and semblance.

(Y/n) (L/n) 
Race: wolf faunas
Weapon: Dark Death (the hole in the middle will be a dust compartment).
Appearance:Mid length (h/c) hair with blue tips. Black and (f/c) hoodie (the orange part in the photo below is going to be your (f/c)), black under shirt, black pants and black combat boots.
Semblance: "Shadow Leap" you can travel thourgh shadows and manipulate them.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I'm on a family vacation tomorrow I'll  be back home so I'll try to update the first chapter tomorrow. 

Are the blades from "Darker Than Black"? They look similar to Hei's electrical blade.
"A person who works in the dark to serve the dark"?? What?????? Are you taking assassin creed reference and changing it to your benefit?.........Nice man
We could be an assassin like from assassin creed with our appearance and abilities.
Turns into shadow huh? Its sounds like this is from an ability called "Shadow walk" from the upcoming game dishonored 2 good idea.