My Way? - Laurance x Reader (PDH Version)

My Way? - Laurance x Reader (PDH Version)

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Eyanne 🌙 By EyanneMooncrest Updated May 15

(Y/n) is known to be a simple commoner who just lived simply. That is, after her Sophomore year. In chemistry, she just simply agreed to be Aphmau's lab partner and suddenly, her whole world started spinning.

Now, she has Katelyn, Aphmau, Lucinda and the others to hang with and falling head over heels for Laurance, who is unfortunately falling for Aphmau. Along with two other guys... 

Fate can work in both good and cruel ways at the same time, huh? Can't even..

Published on: July 17, 2016

[ Credits to Aphmau ]

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Seresmy Seresmy Oct 18
Turquoise, pink with turquoise #MikuxLuka), or green and yellow #GumixLen)
I have friends  -points at anime figures scattered everywhere in my room, then to my posters-
                              Yeah, I sure do.
Seresmy Seresmy Oct 18
Miku: Oh, hello sarcasm!!
                              Rin: Nice to meet you!!
                              Me: *facepalms* Idiots
Seresmy Seresmy Oct 18
Miku: She's a meif'wa!!!
                              Me: Of course I am.
                              *Ah, Its A Wonderful Cat Life starts playing*
Seresmy Seresmy Oct 18
My phone.
                              Phone x Seresmy 2nd best ship.
                              Neru x phone is OTP.
                              Jk, its Laurence-senpai~.
                              Not Phone-sama.
                              But Neru x Phone is still OTP.
DumbWolfy DumbWolfy Oct 23
But...I love much that my friends get annoyed when I do another pun....