My Way? - Laurance x Reader (PDH Version)

My Way? - Laurance x Reader (PDH Version)

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Eyanne 🌙 By EyanneMooncrest Updated May 15

(Y/n) is known to be a simple commoner who just lived simply. That is, after her Sophomore year. In chemistry, she just simply agreed to be Aphmau's lab partner and suddenly, her whole world started spinning.

Now, she has Katelyn, Aphmau, Lucinda and the others to hang with and falling head over heels for Laurance, who is unfortunately falling for Aphmau. Along with two other guys... 

Fate can work in both good and cruel ways at the same time, huh? Can't even..

Published on: July 17, 2016

[ Credits to Aphmau ]

Sitting next to a stranger makes me want to hide forever. Yep, It's more awkward when they say "Hi" to you. >~<
You still call us that! Yesss!! I love being an Premature Ether!!!!!
pheonexfire pheonexfire Jul 19
OMG I just noticed all the girls are different type of fruits Nicole and Kaitlyn are blueberries and strawberries at Mel's blackberries quite Chan is raspberry Kadence has an orange and Lucinda is a grapefruit I'm guessing it's perfect
                              My Sister: I can't wait to lose weight👍
                              Me:😑No, Just No*Smh*
I remember this one time where my dad made a pun. His FIRST pun. Ever. Yep, he made a pun.
                              And that was yesterday. 
                              Mhm, he made one yesterday. Yet, I can't seem to remember what he said... -.-
B just b,but it sounds like they are saying bee so it sounds mean.