house of cards.  ♠ bts

house of cards. ♠ bts

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[ inactive ! ] By -cutetae Updated Jan 02, 2017

❝out of all the powerful abilities royalty was given, LOVE was the most effective.❞

  ❖ sang hana, current heir of seoul and south korea. only the age of nineteen years old and fate has already chosen her. but who will she choose to wear the crown and sit by her on a throne? 

━ © -cutetae | 2016

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ByunLuMinsk ByunLuMinsk Oct 20, 2016
the wings album was lit o boi i mean i never really buy albums but something made me do it this time. it hasn't come yet but the album is so tiny lmao
geehyungie geehyungie Oct 18, 2016
WINGS was so lit. all songs were ♡ it brings u back to hyyh era with all the lyrics
0XYJIN 0XYJIN Dec 28, 2016
The album was so lit I wish I wasn't broke so I could buy like fifty copies
geehyungie geehyungie Sep 22, 2016
I've been waiting for updates. :( but anyway, I will wait patiently. Enjoy writing fam :)
I am soooo ready for the spam,come at me girl ;)
                              Haha and I will wait patiently.
                              Im so in love with tis book ♡~
                              And you♡
geehyungie geehyungie Oct 18, 2016
Glad ur back! :D Take ur time :) im looking forward for a better version of this book :D i love the story so much! hwaiting! Tc coz ur cool!