His Princess

His Princess

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Kennadork By kennadork Updated Sep 14

"I want her." He said in a deep husky voice. His  English accent was thick and a big turn on for every girl. 

Lynnette turned around, hoping he was pointing behind her. To her dismay, there was nobody behind her. When she turned around, King Jace was right in front of her reaching out to cup her cheek. Lynnette smacked his hand away and made a run for it. She made at most 5 steps before a pair of arms wrapped around her pulling her into a muscular chest. Tingles covered where skin on skin contact was made. 

"You are mine now, Lynnette." He whispered huskily in her ear. His voice like silk making her body go against her mind.

Markie_poo Markie_poo Sep 09
Yo if that were my hand it would be like a bleached version of hers or around the same tone but whiter lmao
He won't notice if you don't do your whale mate calling voice and sprew water out your blowhole (not that blowhole you dirty mind)
I know I shouldn't laugh but this reminded me of a pregnant woman when she said that
bethers186 bethers186 Nov 17
Try being 5'0. -looks up at person- how's the weather up there?
"Somebody throw shamoo back in the ocean!" I feel bad for referencing White Chicks rn
Topazhill Topazhill Sep 18
Woah. He agrees! Shocking. I like the guy already. He's good for Lhyn.