transgender 🌸

transgender 🌸

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the secret she hid from everyone was something that has kept her very quiet for years. a transgender girl in the year of 2006? hah.

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[ july 9, 2016 - ]

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calipurnia calipurnia May 07, 2017
now looking at this comment... I know the struggle. Writing this book made me feel better about myself, but knowing that I'm non binary, I know it sucks that people don't accept for who they are, trust me. hang in there. 💕
NotNoahGrossman NotNoahGrossman Aug 31, 2017
Lmao if you can name a console I have it lmao, my brother and I love video games
saeranonice saeranonice Aug 31, 2016
my friends accepted me but they always tell me I was a boy born in the wrong body. I love how they say that
AtomicDaph AtomicDaph Jul 12, 2016
Jocks--> probably Anyhony, Shayne
                              Nerds--> probably Noah, Keith
                              Wannabee--> Olivia, Courtney
                              Goths--> Flitz, Ian?
                              Gamers--> Lasercorn, Sohinki, Joven, Wes
                              Idk haha
kiakiakia78 kiakiakia78 Jul 20, 2016
Mari used to be a boy, but she STILL slays harder than me XD
AtomicDaph AtomicDaph Jul 12, 2016
I hate people like this. They think that because they are popular they are the most important person in school.