A Second Chance

A Second Chance

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Mya ✨ By urbantai Completed

Sequel to His Hostage

It's been 2 years since Belinda last seen August at her house when he confessed his love. 

August is trying to cope with dealing with his mistakes and getting over her. 

When they cross paths with each other, will they be able to stay away from each other?

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bxbygirls- bxbygirls- 4 days ago
Tf my nigga it's been like 2 years if you don't go on with that😂👋🏽
bxbygirls- bxbygirls- 4 days ago
Is it wrong I'm lowkey proud of her for getting smarter? Before she was dumb af making threats that didn't make sense😂😂
So what happened to whatever happened in the prologue of book one? 🤔 I don't forget shitt. 😂
bxbygirls- bxbygirls- 4 days ago
That's weird as hell, I don't even want them together anymore😂
metrotrustkaay metrotrustkaay Sep 17, 2016
He look like that first grader that always tries to talk to grown ass women lmao