Unprepared~ A NaLu Fanfic {Completed}

Unprepared~ A NaLu Fanfic {Completed}

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High school girl Lucy Heartfilia walks home after a long day of school and sees a small girl with blue hair crying in the alley only to find out that.....

So basically this is a "master and maid" story. Just didn't want to give to much and this is my first lemon but I've read other stories so I'm sure you'll enjoy!!

Disclaimer~ I do not own any characters from fairytail, I just simply own the plot line~

GlitchyCookie GlitchyCookie Oct 18, 2016
The special outfit, 😏. 😂God sorry I can't keep a straight face, 😂
WeArePandamonium WeArePandamonium Dec 02, 2016
God DAYM Wendy-Senpai!!! Make sure you sell her wisely!!
                              ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
WeArePandamonium WeArePandamonium Dec 02, 2016
Being sold as a sex slave to some massive pervert all because you decided to be a good person and help a suspicious crying girl in an alleyway!!! And now we will have NALU BABIES!!!
                              I can't tell if I am P*SSED OFF or EXCITED!
nalu4lifes nalu4lifes Dec 20, 2016
What happened to my sweet little Wendy?! N-n-noooooooooooooooo!~ v(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)v
CrazyShippingGirl CrazyShippingGirl 3 days ago
Omg is it me or is the world ending!!! Like wtf!? Who knew Wendy had a badass side :3
when i just started reading this i was like....
                              DAFAUQ I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE WENDYS POV!!!!! when i realized this was wendy i literally looked outside to make sure the world wasnt ending XDDDDD