Taming Him | pjm #Wattys2016

Taming Him | pjm #Wattys2016

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peaches and cream By simplyhosh Updated Jun 14

A Park Jimin FanFiction FT. Seventeen
          "I made all this effort for you. To prove to you I'm worth having," as soon as those words slipped from my mouth, Jimin perked up and glanced at me with incredulous eyes.

"W-What. . ." Jimin blurted as if he had seen a ghost.

"Familiar with that line?" I inquired as I slowly began inching away from Jimin.

"I think. It reminded me of someone." Jimin replies without hesitating. I grinned at his sudden reaction.
          **Read to find out** (And no, this story is not that type of cliché story you've always thought of judging by the description.)
          Warning: Triggering words are contained in this book (ex. suicide, bullying/harassment etc.) and mild cursing.
          simplyhosh © 2016
            -Any plagiarism will be reported, this story rightfully belongs to me-

btsshieteu btsshieteu 4 days ago
Slut? That term doesn't fit her personality idiot. Now you're just desperate to insult her in some way *rolls eyes*
-pwenguwin -pwenguwin Aug 10
i dont get why boys call girls whores and sluts just for the sake of insulting them, like, ??????? i'm triggered
AoiPoppy AoiPoppy Aug 10
I'm not sure anyone in this story understands the word 'clown' or 'slüt'.
hate it when people call girls who wear too much makeup hoes or sluts or smth it just annoys me
she's gonna come back with a makeover and change her name or something and nobody will know it's her and they'll be like who tf is this pretty person
jiminsized jiminsized Aug 03
I'm sorry for not bringing YOUR homework cuz it's definitely MY responsibility it's not like I have MY OWN things to worry abt