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What if you hated the one thing that shaped your life?

Well, that would be one great adventure.

A story about five kids who wound up doing great actions with things that they despised.



--Miss1975 --Miss1975 Jul 19, 2016
Woah! I can tell already that this is going to be fantastic! It's so interesting... I love it!
Cbri_0707 Cbri_0707 Dec 10, 2016
I've gotten to the like 10th chapter forgetting what they look like😂😂 I still want Colton and Minerva together.. #CinervaOrMolton
-z0mbie -z0mbie Jul 13, 2016
from the humorous tone of the first chapter, I can tell I'm going to love this story!
-z0mbie -z0mbie Jul 13, 2016
I already adore their names <33 (and the plot sounds really interesting too!)
AnnasZeug AnnasZeug Jul 18, 2016
Interesting start :) just finished misfits, now I'm here ^-^
OkayShawn- OkayShawn- Aug 21, 2016
Isn't he from Under the dome?😂😍 dude I have a major crush on him.