Screwing Royalty I ongoing

Screwing Royalty I ongoing

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Orion By queenofbel-air Updated Jul 30

For the past year, the king of Treaton has invited every girl over the age of eighteen to impress the soon - to - be king, Prince Adrien Barrington, hoping that someone would grab his son's attention.

Sophia Hart, the clumsy yet adorable nineteen year old managed to grab Adrien's attention by spilling red wine all over his precious jeans.

Which makes Adrien realize that Sophia is the perfect girl to be his 'fake girlfriend' until his parents stop pressuring him to get married. Because Adrien Barrington is in love with Landon Collins, and Sophia is the only girl who can possibly help him sneak out of the castle to be with the love of his life.

However, you shouldn't screw with royalty, especially when you can get caught.

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NansiLondon NansiLondon Oct 14
That within its self was funny enough...I'm sure to be entertained if the synopsis stands true 😋
heroicaly heroicaly Nov 21
bahahahhahahah not if he's me, I'll never get some bc I'm too weird lol
To be honest, I would react like she did #guilty #notsorry XD
YAS QUEEN. love it omg. thank you for the dedication too omg ❤️
NansiLondon NansiLondon Oct 14
Well clearly from my many inline commentary, I'm enjoying the hell outta it. The characters you chose fit the feel of the story perfectly. Will certainly  read on 😏
Yeah uhhh...about that. I think I'm going to have a problem with that