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Watching Miraculous Ladybug

Watching Miraculous Ladybug

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sxℓєиα❄ By nmnyoungh Updated Feb 02

Have you imagine if the cast of Miraculous Ladybug watched their own T.V show?  How would they react when they found out their heroes identities? Would Adrien be disappointed of Ladybug's true identity? What will happen next?
  I do not own these characters, these characters were rightfully own by Thomas Astruc
  Producer: Jeremy Zag
  The cover drawing was not drawn by me. Because my sketches suck. Credits to tumblr 
  June | nmnyoungh

Yeah, because you can see how she is a ***** to everybody. Really interesting...
JadaBug2005 JadaBug2005 Nov 22, 2016
Never mind I think I relies why you chose this episode first because it's one of the most funniest and embrassceing episode of Marinette
Shut up Lila, your lies are suspicious, your are jealous because no illution can change the fact that you aren't a superheroe and besides, you weren't even there.
PrincessHatsuneMiku PrincessHatsuneMiku Dec 12, 2016
Lila even though I'm gonna enjoy hating you in season 2. THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT!!!!!
CrispMosaic CrispMosaic Aug 21, 2016
Bubble Bubble Trouble or something...I think that was Shakespeare?
WritesCringeyFanfics WritesCringeyFanfics Dec 12, 2016
Oh Really All I See It's A Piece A Trash #ProudChloeXTrashcanShipper