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ryo ♥︎ By ryoko-tofuu Updated Mar 16

6 girls from different walks of life are all finding an escape. They're running from their past in order to have a shot at a future. Each girl has her own story to tell. By a chance of fate, they all unite when they seek refuge from their friend, a trainee from BigHit Ent. The only solution to their safety?? To debut them as a girl group?!?!


┊6/6 Slots Taken┊


cc: -bleschim, glydumb, ichigoieka,
       sukohshii, otaeka, chaechiiie,
       kookieachuu, sincerelytop

storyline by: ryoko-tofuu


Started: 16/07/09
Ended: --/--/--

JaeJaeLinn JaeJaeLinn Jul 10, 2016
When it says that the password isn't hard to find, but you're dumb and aren't sure if you found the password or not. XD
001-2386-500a 001-2386-500a Jul 10, 2016
Omg I cant stop laughing at the part where Namjoon hits Hoseok. Wait, I cant find the pass wait
JaeJaeLinn JaeJaeLinn Jan 22
You can't be depressed bc I'm your friend~ *opens arms wide.*
JaeJaeLinn JaeJaeLinn Jul 15, 2016
To be sure if a letter is italicized more than once, however many times it's italicized is how many times it's used correct?
001-2386-500a 001-2386-500a Jul 10, 2016
Im so excited and i'm I want to laugh when I saw whats in the multi, but I can't since my mother's beside me XD
-taekooks -taekooks Jul 16, 2016
Be my friend! I've been noticing a few things. I bet it has smthinh to do with the password