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Control The Crazy

Control The Crazy

4.2K Reads 1.3K Votes 30 Part Story
JustSayin_9 By JustSayin_9 Updated Feb 19

Valentina is back in the game

Looking for mafias

Tangling herself in adventures...

In hopes of finally finding her parent's killers. 

When she finally thought she found them she instead became face to face with the Italians...

One necklace

Mysterious pink letters...

And an aggregate asshole

Like she isn't one herself


 *Mature content*

....seriously there are some fucked up shit in this dark, humorous, adventurous, and most of all romantic book.

FallenAngel128 FallenAngel128 Nov 20, 2016
Awesome chapter! I simply love V, her attitude cracks me up. The whole story is awesome so far. What has she gotten herself into? I love the descriptions and the characters... AWESOME! Have I said awesome?
kvh1998 kvh1998 Nov 28, 2016
Wow I love how Valentina portrays a complete opposite personality to any other typical romance novel you may read on here! Damn is she feisty!!
NorieTarvis NorieTarvis Dec 18, 2016
i'm dying 😂
                              don't ask me how i find the weirdest things funny
PiesandThighs PiesandThighs Dec 26, 2016
Like that both characters are strong and don't give a d*mn what anyone thinks
FrzenFlame FrzenFlame Dec 18, 2016
Do I even need to say anything? My vote confirms I loveeeeee this book so far ♡
NorieTarvis NorieTarvis Dec 18, 2016
i like her difference from other girls...probably including me 😳