99goonsquad Fan Fic

99goonsquad Fan Fic

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yulianismylife By yulianismylife Updated Jan 24

Chapter one:

You just moved to Florida and its your first day at your new school.

Mom:Yulianis wake up your gonna be late

You: ok mom ill be down in a bit 

*you decide to wear a white t-shirt w/ high waisted shorts*

You: bye mom im leaving

Mom: ok ill be home at 8:30 tonight

*you ride your penny board to school since it wasnt that far* *then when u get to school you trip on a rock while riding your penny board*

Boy: um are u ok? *helps you up*

You: um ya ty 

*you guys stare into each others eyes*

Boy:well im julian are u new here

You:im Yulianis but u can call me yuli and ya i just moved here

Julian:well see you around *smiles*

You: *smiles back* see ya

*julian goes back with his friend mario*

Mario: who was that

Julian:she said her name was y/n and shes new here

Mario: do u like her or something i saw you guys staring into each other eyes

Julian: she is cute and she looks chill

Mario: what about Nicole

Julian: who?

Mario: Nicole your gf remember her

Julian: oh y...

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