Cheating with the Devil {unedited}

Cheating with the Devil {unedited}

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Jewel Louise By jewel_louise Updated Nov 17, 2016

Jack has a wonderful career, a beautiful wife, and a satisfactory marriage. Never stepping outside of the box and always making sure to dot his i's and cross his t's, he is the epitome of a good citizen in his suburban neighborhood....well at least until he comes face to face with his greatest challenge yet. 


"I-I love my wife." I whisper out brokenly while looking down at my hardened desire springing forth in my pants. Shame, guilt, anger, and disappointment at myself floods through my quivering body. 

"Who are you trying to convince Jack?" Her dangerous husky but sexy voice floats out into the dark room. 

I shake my head and squeeze my eyes tight breathing in and out as slow and as deep as I can in weak effort to gather my thoughts around my pulsating member. 

"I'm a good person. I am a great husband and I do the right things. T-this isn't right! I love my wife!" I shout out in frustration. Lights suddenly blare out into the room. 

My eyes drink in the figure that is far more lovely and exciting then my wife, whom I am use to seeing on a daily basis. Even after my exclaims that I so readily shouted out just seconds before, I scan over her hour glass frame like a starving man. 

She leans back on the Victorian styled sofa and regards me with a bemused expression. "Again I ask, who are you trying to convince Jack?"

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My dumbaśs thought he meant coming out as in he didn't want to come out of the closet 
                              Smh brain. Smh.
anitacrida anitacrida Apr 04
I want to find a guy who will tell me these excuses for cheating on me... I'll play the weekend while I burry him alive "go tell that bîtch about me (go tell her) what you've seen and how dafuc I roll"
You may claim to ‘love’ your wife, but she sure as hell don’t respect her
_MAG___ _MAG___ 4 days ago
If someone don’t educate his dumbàss on what Love is and how it works
TheWannaBeArtist TheWannaBeArtist Aug 16, 2016
I already love this story and all I've read is the first sentence
1_XO_1 1_XO_1 Feb 22
She gon get the dick she asking for Jack don't play no games