Pay_Ray's Naughty Scenes  (MXM)

Pay_Ray's Naughty Scenes (MXM)

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Ray By Pay_Ray Updated May 17, 2014

This is a bunch of naughty naughty scenes.  This is all going to be (MANXMAN) (BOYXBOY) (MANXBOY) ect, so if you not likey don't looky... this is nothing but a bunch of sex scenes, some just sex and some with story to it. .. Its going to be a whole bunch of different things .. 

Strong language and lots of sexual contents, so this is for mature audiences only.. if your not mature than leave now...

... Sha right... 

Ok then if you are still here then please read at your own risk...


Cover designed by OtakuLoli.. Thank you my sweet

I sing all the time and I make a noise similar to that one...MMNNNNAAAAA
I. Love. The. Mental. Pauses. When. You. Read. Something. Like. This.
bookwormasalways2015 bookwormasalways2015 Sep 02, 2015
Hot as hell !!! Loved it !
                              I want to be some guy's little beggar too *whines*
bookwormasalways2015 bookwormasalways2015 Sep 02, 2015
Okaaaaay .... feeling excited already !!
                              Bring it on !!!! ;)
qveen-amanda qveen-amanda Apr 15, 2015
I want to be a man now so I can be gay. Like fück that was really hot. Text me
Maddiek8 Maddiek8 Apr 19, 2014
Sweet mother molasses woah I'm can you say sexy and he'll and and what does thrust his dick up me