The Grouch Culture

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Sofen By HelloMyVanity Updated 5 years ago
Just filled with rants. Read at your own expense and remember: everyone has their own opinions and to each their own.
I loved this rant. Very very good. I think true vampire lovers need to get out there and write some grisly fiction that will beat Stephanie Meyers constipated-sparkle-b*ches to a bloody pulp!
That was cool. Sorry it took me so long to get to it Sof, my apologies. I didn't know all that stuff about vampires, hadn't realised it tied into the Greek myths. That's kinda cool. 
                                    Good work old bean, interesting and ranty all at the same time. Werewolves next? =] 
                                    Nicely done, Gav
@Irony_Is_Bittersweet Did you add to it? :D And I know! I saw that happen before, and I'm all, "Yeaaaaah no comment."
@Irony_Is_Bittersweet Many? What have you read? Did you like HP?
@PandorE Lol, you were 3 seconds ago and I was two seconds ago. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!! ;)
Check out g4vegan's rethorical analysis. It's so controversial. The author of Gold Rush is acting exactly like Bella in Twilight. Or Edward. It's hard to tell them apart, their both such whiny bitches.