Fat Boys Kiss Better

Fat Boys Kiss Better

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He was so hot, like a Greek God and his biceps flexed when he picked up the pencil.
He smirked when he saw me, his orb eyes so blue like the sea, that I could get lost in them. I knew I shouldn't play with fire, but he was a carnal attraction that I couldn't resist.

Fooled, were you not?  This isn't one of those stories.
 The guy I seem to like is the sweetest, nicest, best guy ever.
My best friend calls him fat.
I say he's too well proportioned.

Special Thanks to alex@ unhydrated for the funny and awesome cover!!

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I think the plot of your story is amazing! People say #bodylove and it's okay to be overweight or thick but it's always directed towards girls not guys. It should be okay for guys too the shouldn't have to be walking 6 packs
- - Oct 10
This was an interesting beginning with good writing and dialogue. Such a different idea for a story too. :)
sakinadudh sakinadudh Oct 09
Finally a story with a real guy and nt an imaginary greek god
trapdoctorx trapdoctorx Aug 26
awh my god awh, i love that this is included in your book! I think everyone forgets this from time to time(:
So original! I haven't seen something like this on wattpad before
7meets8 7meets8 Oct 07
You had me at 'piercing eyes'
                              With such eyes, shouldn't someone call 911?
                              I mean, how does said female character fall in love with him if his eyes keep stabbing the shi.t out of her 😂😂