Vampire City: Not Your Ordinary Vampire Story

Vampire City: Not Your Ordinary Vampire Story

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Penless Ink ♕ By Thyriza Completed

[Vampire City Series #1] 
Ingrid Sy belongs to a very wealthy family. When her father forced her to marry the man she doesn't love, escape is the only thing that came to her mind.

Out of curiosity, she went to a city. A city where no one can enter.

Will she be brave enough to face all the consequences that awaits her? Will her heart be brave to fight for a love that will bring chaos to her life?

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ay baliktad.. nauna kong nabasa yung b2 kysa dto.. haha sareehh adunno kc hahahah.. let's start this!
jarish143 jarish143 Aug 22
I suppa love your story, I have read also the 2nd, third and even the my knight in shining fangs. hope I can also be like you.
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! thank you talaga ate thyriza!!! sa paggawa ng story na to.. kasi fan na fan talaga ako ng dalawa..!!!!
RaveeenGrey RaveeenGrey Sep 19
Not a huge fan of exo but i love this song. (no offense to the exo lovers out there.)
MissLucky07 MissLucky07 Oct 19
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Matagal ko na tong gusting basahin khit walang na Mga apps sa cp ko .OK lang kasi may wattpad nman at ang iniidolo kung story na vampire city