Mickey Who?

Mickey Who?

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Brandy By Sweetdreams31 Updated Jun 20, 2015

What if you had the power to control hundreds of people’s love life just by simply saying anything? And what if they didn’t know it was you? Would you use that power for good?

At Ana Davis’ high school, there’s an anonymous person known as Mickey. Mickey helps the students of Duncan High with their everyday problems, which mainly revolve around their intimate relationships. Ana never had any interest in this “Mickey” person…that is until she unexpectedly finds herself taking the job as the replacement one.

The problem is. How can Ana give advice to people…when she can’t even look her own crush in the eye?!

  • advice
  • ana
  • anonymous
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  • heather
  • high
  • mickey
  • school
  • teen
bookbugbro bookbugbro Feb 14, 2017
the kind of person who isn't obsessed with other people's and their own love lives?
bookbugbro bookbugbro Feb 14, 2017
people just watch it and think you're crazy if you don't because it's what everyone is doing
rosemilley1 rosemilley1 Aug 09, 2016
Hey mucked your so fine your so fine you blow my mind hey mickey
bookbugbro bookbugbro Feb 14, 2017
THIRTY TO FOURTY STUPID MINS?! i expect moi car wash to have no wait. screw that😂😂😂😂
DoolFandoms DoolFandoms Nov 06, 2015
Thinking of my brother watching the mickey mouse clubhouse and laughing
chocolaterulez chocolaterulez Jul 16, 2015
Ha I definitely exist to my crush 
                              people:there's a way for him to notice you!
                              Sing call me maybe to him
                              Although the results are disastrous