Our Year

Our Year

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SlavesToMrGrey By slavestomrgrey Updated 2 days ago

Serena Johnson, a poor girl struggling everyday with paying bills. She works as a waitress at a strip club and works at a run down gas station, because she's been on her own since she was fifteen. 

She thought things would never change until she meets billionaire Jason Manning.

Jason Manning, A billionaire needing  Serena for conditions that were set forth by his father before he could officially be CEO of all of his father's companies. He offers her One Deal for One year of her life. 

Will Serena accept as Jason's wife for one year?

Will she be able to adjust or struggle with day to day life with Jason?

What did she know about Jason? After all he is just a stranger.

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Pink_Speaks Pink_Speaks Jul 11, 2016
I like it❤❤ that would be cool if they changed the movie into your story. I feel like it would be more interesting☺☺✌
Pink_Speaks Pink_Speaks Jul 11, 2016
When I read the beginning I read tie so I didn't see hair. Then I got really creeped out because I thought it was a guy in a strapless shirt😭😭 scary sight.lol