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Karma's Kiss (Karma X Reader)

Karma's Kiss (Karma X Reader)

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_Karmazaya_ By ReptilianLeaf Updated Oct 18, 2016

(Y/N) (L/N) -was- a delinquent. She had been expelled from many high ranking schools and loves to be a sneaky little demon; not only that, she was also one of the best assassins there is. At a very young age, slightly before elementary, she discovered a secret bloodlust travelling through her veins; and that's when it all began.
The fighting, The killing, Her most loved job that she got payed thousands, sometimes millions for. She was a smart child, always ranking 1st in her school, when she began her secret life, she tended to get more violent and self confident, she even joined gangs by the age of 12. Her parents loved her, but had enough of her teasing and dangerous personality, so due to their fear of being hurt, they let her do as she wants, as long as she promises to be back in one piece and a virgin.
And she does just that, she does like to fool around with her mates and get into trouble, a lot, but she had never done drugs, smoked or fooled around in -that- way. 
Well, until she meets Karma Akabane.

Ohhh her shirt 
                              He was looking at her shirt, because his name is literally on it
I was just reading the description and it said we never did drugs,smoked,or fooled around in that way until we karma
                              Is karma a drug addict???
Accidentally chose Nutella as my car,oh well I'm driving a tub of chocolate now
I'll have you know that the current class delinquent is actually very attractive and you'll find out soon enough, just look at the title of this book 🐼
Brendon_Bae Brendon_Bae Aug 13, 2016
Could you use a different name for the assassin name? Maybe likeeeee "The black blade" or "The black winged angel" 
                              I'm srry I just like black a lot XD
Nutella? But I freaking hate it. And my family does too, they wouldn't dare make that