Little Garden | Graphics Shop [1]

Little Garden | Graphics Shop [1]

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Hajime♡ By CoFFeeBeaN28 Updated Oct 19

A story found in the depths of the woods to only find a single flower blooming in the savage wild, sounds so cliche, don't you think so too? I hereby welcome you to my 1st Graphic shop "L i t t l e G a r d e n"
Feel free to trespass in my forest as you will see willows of extinct animals sing a song in their freedom, come, my little flower, request in this amateurs cover shop, I am still a newbie in Photoshop but I'm willing to do my best to satisfy you.

❀R e q u e s t s❀
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ishi782524 ishi782524 Sep 21
                              I would love to request for a cover of Hunter x Hunter fan fic.
                              Title: Reaching you
                              Gon Freecs and Popuri Taneshima are together, Separated to Killua Zoldyck.
                              Theme: Melodramatic
                                √ Anything on the background
                              ● I am counting on you Hajime! >_< T__T xD
Uhm hey can I ask another cover pls ^__^ your art is done I have to finalize it first .
                              Title : Her destiny
                              Author: divinefores583
                              Character: a black haired anime Queen like my previous cover . With a dark aura
                              Background- dark forest
                              And the rest is your magic pls
Tialuna Tialuna Aug 25
I need a book cover request
                              Title: An Adventurer To A Hero 
                              Picture: Well, as Adol and Geis are there though (If you don't know Ys Seven just check on the internet). For the background, you can do anything about it😓
                              Take your time😆well if you accept that is🙈
Fuwaaiko Fuwaaiko Sep 24
Title: the adventure of lunar high
                              Characters: a very pretty girl next to a bishounen their hair color has to be the same add some roses to the background 
                              Theme: school life  and  romance
                              Background: a very bright school
Hello, Hajime! I'm Karen(and Karma), i came here from your Assassination Classroom fanfic! Could I request a cover?
KOROchii KOROchii Aug 28
hajime-chan~ another request from Koroo~ I want an Akashi x reader story. the title is "Killer Doll" it's not really a yandere story. Akashi as the doll and (y/n) is Kise's sister... arigatou nee~