And We Fell In Love !!! (completed)

And We Fell In Love !!! (completed)

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Yadni bagwe By Cuteminger Completed

they either make you or brake you ... 

Meet this group of 10 friends, how did they met is a story of its own ... but these friends who were once scattered for 7 years  tend to meet each other again at a friend's wedding ....

Now as we say everything has a reason for its happening ...what was the reason for them to come back together ... 

Lot of dhamal ... drama ...and memories is what they expected 

But life is cruel ...isnt it , with fun old memories are the ones that haunt them up ...

Back then they had met to colour eachother's school life what they believed ...but the question arises ...what now??
What does the destiny  has in mind for these 10 friends? ?

And then we have the title saying  " and we fell in love " they really fall for each other?

Thx for the wonderful cover @Grishma_Rajput

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xNight_Readerx xNight_Readerx Jul 16, 2017
Okay, so I really think there are way much characters being introduced, it could    confuse the readers. Remember you have the whole book to go through, you could introduce the characters one by one.
Stories-are-life Stories-are-life Apr 30, 2017
I liked it but I don't know what achi and achi is 😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              I will definitely read the next chapter tomorrow. Loved it!!
Cuteminger Cuteminger Jul 11, 2016
thx a lot for ur follow up , even i am a arjuhi fan the idea came from there only , n sure will update soon
choco_lava16 choco_lava16 Oct 28, 2016
And uuuummaahhh u r indeed an awesome writer 😘 love ya bestie!!
infiniteandy infiniteandy Aug 14, 2016
ohhhhhhhh wonderfull start i wouod love to read it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Zakter21 Zakter21 Jul 10, 2016
Following you ... As a Arjuhi fan ... I am loving this story line 😄