The Sassy Girl's Bad Boys | ✓

The Sassy Girl's Bad Boys | ✓

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❝One girl. Four boys. One mansion. What could possibly go wrong?❞

Meet Amy O'Neil. She's a survivor, a feisty and sassy girl with a heart of a child. Naive yet strong in so many ways. Her life made no sense to her before because she was kidnapped by three strangers. Her memory erased.

Until one fateful day she manages to escape and fate throws her into the lives of the most famous high school gang of bad boys known as The FD.

She is taken in by the four gorgeous boys that make up the gang. Richard Maslow, Jeremy Oswald, Brian Lionel and Leslie Diamond.

They're crazy. They're rich. They have different personalities but above all they love her. And they'll do anything to protect her from the three strangers who kidnapped her.

Follow Amy on this hilariously mind blowing journey in which she tries to unravel the mystery behind who her kidnappers are, remember her past and contain her feelings for one of the guys.

Her life will never be the same..

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