Gold and Silver (MarkiplierxReader)

Gold and Silver (MarkiplierxReader)

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Ace By ArulElla Updated Sep 27, 2017

You are tired. You are small. It is raining. The field trip during the day was nearly canceled because of the rain, but it wasn't. You stay by your best friend Mark as your third-grade teacher leads your class across the street. There is a tall man in a black raincoat, wobbling slowly across the street. A car. A dull red car races towards the tall man. It veers sharply to the side, and even your tiny third grader brain knows it is going straight for Mark. You jump, slamming into him, and you slide together on the hard asphalt. There is screaming and you see a pool of blood by your feet. You didn't realize you are hurt, only that you saved Mark. Your leg hurts. You close your eyes.

WARNING- Touches touchy subjects such as related to the dark and/or deep web
Mild swearing


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lexidastalker lexidastalker Nov 28, 2017
I thought it said,' Lauren shot you in the head and said," payback bitch"' I need sleep XD
Picklesperry Picklesperry Oct 11, 2016
This 100% reminds me of Skydoesthings blogs like "Hey, Red. Wanna go get sushi?" They go there all the time!!!😂
Random-Stalker Random-Stalker Dec 19, 2016
                              I don't kno why I did that. I mean, it's ME who just go rejected...