Events of Endeavour (Revelation Series - Book 2)

Events of Endeavour (Revelation Series - Book 2)

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WARNING R-RATED This is a MATURE read due to scenes of erotica, BDSM, sexual situations and language.

Events of Endeavour is the sequel to Days of Discovery and should be read in order.

When we last met Kate and Marcus they were still involved in a new BDSM relationship. Kate was still attempting to find herself within their relationship as a new submissive and Marcus was beginning to doubt her ability to be the submissive he needed. 

After a very intense scene Marcus pushed Kate to her limits, but still she refused to use her safe word leaving them both confused and their future uncertain.

Can Kate and Marcus find a way forward for their relationship or are their differences in experience simply too great? Now that her submissive side has been uncovered can Kate ever go back to being the woman she was before she met Marcus? What of Marcus? Is he at all what he seems or will it be his past and the secrets he keeps that prevent a future together from happening?

Regardless of how they move forward, one thing is certain, they will both need to look at themselves as well as each other in order to discover exactly who they are and what they want and need in the future.

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I'm far to attached to these characters!! Heart break city right here
Buddythebug Buddythebug Jun 03
Wow.... I never thought she would talk but I guess I was wrong lol
Joyalex2 Joyalex2 Aug 07
He's right by ending it.  Trust is the most important thing in any relationship & if Marcus can't trust Kate to use her safe word when clearly she needed to, then they don't have a relationship.
Joyalex2 Joyalex2 Aug 07
My heart is breaking for Kate, but she needs to pull it together.  She says she loves Marcus, but love isn't supposed to hurt like this.  She has totally lost herself in him.
Rogue_Aresa Rogue_Aresa Oct 18, 2016
So much for trying, she should have used the safe word though
LoveAndreForever LoveAndreForever Nov 30, 2016
Hope she learns her lesson now. I feel for her but that was her own stupid fault.