The Bucket Angel - COMPLETED

The Bucket Angel - COMPLETED

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Friend_the_monster By CailinAnneBritz Completed

A Willy Wonka love story consisting of my own character, Juliet Bucket, playing Charlie's sister. 

I do not own Charlie and the chocolate factory nor any characters except Juliet Bucket.

Please enjoy! 

Ps. This is technically my first story so be gentle, it's my first time.

Disclaimer. I do not own any characters apart from Juliet Bucket.

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Thinking of Charlie meeting willy wonka fills you with 
                              D E T ER M A N A T I O N
I love how you incorporated the storyline of the movie, I can tell you are a great writer and that this is going to be a great book.
EpicTinyR EpicTinyR Mar 19
Well 381 divided by 4 is 95.25, so each of them are around 95 years old
_Athena_K9_ _Athena_K9_ Nov 18, 2017
Nos, let's do the math to find their ages... yes, divide by 3. Yes, like that Jonathan, now, what number do we get? Altogether class! 3...2...1...
cheafiregod cheafiregod Oct 14, 2017
I don't know but my eyes starteded getting watery during this chapter. I just love the details, they are beautifully placed and just wants to make me cry with all the expression it gives me.