The Smosh Hunger Games!

The Smosh Hunger Games!

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This isn't your regular Youtuber Hunger Games, because this time, the author isn't writing it. Instead,  I'm using an actual Hunger Games Simulator to see who would win based on that.  I write in the extra detail, while the simulator tells me what's going on in the story.  It's so unpredictable that even I don't know what will happen!

Link to the Hunger Games Simulator:

Warning: Major character deaths, some violent themes
Possible Trigger Warning

KatyBurns7 KatyBurns7 Jun 22
He always wears a vest and tie and that is what makes him a G
Wow thanks for making Me an original character in your book. The description is quite honest, but I like it, spot on. 😉
Smoshgamesgirl_27 Smoshgamesgirl_27 Jul 31, 2016
Lol of course Flitz is a dance teacher XD. That would be hilarious and awesome
OctopusesGarden OctopusesGarden Jul 12, 2016
Really excited for this might actually think about doing on of these myself!! But I know in already gonna love it!
Smoshgamesgirl_27 Smoshgamesgirl_27 Jul 26, 2016
Hey so I tried using the simulator, but it doesn't accept all of the picture URLs. Is that normal?
Smoshgamesgirl_27 Smoshgamesgirl_27 Jul 31, 2016
Lol. Matpat's awesome, but IRL I think he'd be too smart to get caught XD.  Plus he hosts a show literally called "The Runner" 😂