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Dance To Love (Dancetale Sans X Reader)

Dance To Love (Dancetale Sans X Reader)

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its_me_jenifer By its_me_jenifer Updated Feb 13

You are in a dance group with monsters and humans but your soul has become corrupted after a break up with your boyfriend something you haven't felt in years comes back, your friends are here to support you but will the leader of the dance group(Sans)make you feel the love you once felt or corrupted your soul even more?

P.S. art that's in this book not by me

omg "Peace bitch." That's so freaking funny, i cant stop laughing!
The texting at the end is so similar to the conversations me and my best friend have, especially the ' peace bitch' part XD
I wouldn't care how cute or anything he cause if he's a perv even little bit I wouldn't even talk to him
MidoriMizu MidoriMizu Aug 09, 2016
I love Sans cause hes so bad a$$ that all he has to do to stop a crowd is teleport infront of them X333😂😂😂😂