My Possessive Neighbor

My Possessive Neighbor

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Alessandra By babyb0iluke Updated Oct 02

"Do you ever think about someone other than yourself?" I asked with a questioning face.

"Oh I think about you all the time, babygirl, but I don't think we have the same context here," he answered with a cocky yet sexy smirk.

I rolled my eyes as he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"And no other man is allowed to think about you as long as I do," he growled.


please do not take my idea of this story. I put a lot of effort into my writing and it would be very low of someone to copy my idea.

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Diamond045 Diamond045 Nov 08
Girl keep yo food for yourself, you don't need to share, because sharing is caring and you don't share with enemies
All you guys are like EWW NO WTF and I'm over here like, "Kay, let's go to your place, my mom's home"
Bosniekalid Bosniekalid Nov 21
Hahah I have six elder brothers and 7 cousin brothers which don't really help
Kallibmatic Kallibmatic 4 days ago
Boys are like hot brownies they look good and taste good but when you take a bite it burns the hell out of you
Vixkyyxo13 Vixkyyxo13 4 days ago
That's what they all say and then BAM! In comes the Greek God
I feel your pain, then some are too f boy . But at least. I have my books and wattpad !