My Possessive Neighbor (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

My Possessive Neighbor (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

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Alex By babyb0iluke Updated Apr 18

"Do you ever think about someone other than yourself?" I asked with a questioning face.

"Oh I think about you all the time, babygirl, but I don't think we have the same context here," he answered with a cocky yet sexy smirk.

I rolled my eyes as he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"And no other man is allowed to think about you as long as I do," he growled.


please do not take my idea of this story. I put a lot of effort into my writing and it would be very low of someone to copy my idea.

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My mom did this, to my friend. But on the balcony, and the guy was outside and started talking to her
Here's the thing, I love school and learning but the system and people there irritate me
VR1210 VR1210 Jul 17
I don't know what school u guys went to, but I know things like that started in 8th grade for me. 😶
King_Wasabi King_Wasabi Jun 15
I know right you have to feed them, walk them, cuddle them... all of the things I like to do but I'm a loser so no one likes me
VR1210 VR1210 Jul 17
My bf doesn't care cuz he does it too 😂😂 and I eat spaghetti sloppier than he does 😋
I'm scared to have a boyfriend because of my dad.... I swear he would scare them off.  But my mom says I should get one because she doesn't care.