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Daddy's Good Girl (BDSM)

Daddy's Good Girl (BDSM)

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TeeJay71 By TeeJay71 Updated Feb 14

"Have you been a good girl?"
"Yes, Daddy."

Jumpixxx Jumpixxx Feb 05
AHAHAHAHAH my mom would've ran down those stairs grab me, drop kick me, kung fu my ass then go west indian style and beat me with a lamp
SauceyMayaa SauceyMayaa Jan 05
Me asf. If rather be at home then out with the people that call their selves my friends
pepsi10844 pepsi10844 Feb 05
Black people don't get perms. They get relaxers. If we got perms our curls would look really really stiff. If we want curly hair we take a shower
pepsi10844 pepsi10844 Feb 05
It works for my sister, I'm a mix of Italian and black so my hair is like white people hair besides gets curly when wet and doesn't get greasy
finally like I was feeling bad for having a perm cause all The books I was reading had natural haired girls in it
pepsi10844 pepsi10844 Feb 05
Pro tip for relaxers/ perms: Use a wrap and then put a cap over it before sleeping and before that use some sort of hair spray to keep it stiff so it doesn't get all messy then in the morning brush it out really good