Don't Let Me Be Gone... (Tyler Joseph x Reader)

Don't Let Me Be Gone... (Tyler Joseph x Reader)

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GEE MET JAWN By causeimallears Completed

Tyler Joseph is a boy you've know since High School. He wasn't one to really come out much, but you seemed different to him. He came out of his shell by you. He was your best friend. And something happened between you two, and you thought it was special. 

 But then he found Jenna...

(Warning if you are triggered by blood, suicide, and swearing, be cautious while reading this book)

I'm bad at x Readers so don't expect much

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- - Sep 04, 2017
Well I'm only triggered by my OTP not admitting there feelings
-wanderlost -wanderlost Apr 05, 2017
P.S.- your title says Don't Let Be Gone, is it supposed to be that or like the cover says, Don't Let Me Be Gone? P.P.S.- don't forget the apostrophe
domingoenfire domingoenfire Jul 21, 2017
My mom said she wanted to name me Athena, so I'll use that name, since I don't have a sister.
everyone: i dont have  a sister
                              me: lolz i have like 200 because my dad is a man whore
Oof I have a voice in my head and like I want to name it?? Why???
These official people are: Brendon, Halsey (even though I’m not her biggest fan) and y’all know the last one is ty