Life As Styles (Harry Styles Fan-Fic)

Life As Styles (Harry Styles Fan-Fic)

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*SEQUEL TO I'M PREGNANT WITH HARRY STYLES' BABY!* Its been three years since Darcy's birth, and Harry and Megan couldn't be happier. Darcy has brought so much joy to their lives, with her being absolutely adorable and curious about everything, fun and laughter was always guaranteed when she's around. Plus, the rest of One Direction absolutely adore her! With Harry being in the world's hottest boy band and Megan's career in the fashion industry skyrocketing, this family is in for many ups and downs as they spend their lives together. Will they be able to balance work and family? And what will happen when life throws them another surprise...?  

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forever_smh forever_smh Oct 10, 2016
If that ever happend i honesty wouldn't even care cause he was happy
AbbyGetachew AbbyGetachew Mar 01, 2016
This gonna be Louis when Brianna gives birth he gonna dump Daniel Campbell and go to Brianna watch
YanieSicard YanieSicard May 16, 2016
Is it weird that everytime theres an article in a book i read it with chelsea briggs voice from hollywire?
larareb234 larareb234 Jan 17, 2016
I love harry styles he is my hero I hope he is christian so I will meet him in heaven one day because I have ghoul Blatter cancer
hal326 hal326 Nov 28, 2015
OMG I read the book before and I loved it!!! I'm looking forward to reading this one too!!! :)
dhaiwkdkwkwndkw dhaiwkdkwkwndkw Nov 15, 2015
*Darcy Mae French
                              You need to stop making these mistakes XD