Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

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Abigail Rayne By ByFaithForFaith Completed


"The night I met the Olsons, the family was in chaos."

All his mother's life, she had denied the fact of having a son. Except, in his mind, she was right. As soon as Sawyer had the chance, he ran as fast and as far as he could with a backpack and an ambition.

He set off, not looking back, sifting through feelings of insecurity. All his life, he had been told he was the criminal, not the victim. Running away was always part of the plan-- as an outcast, it was silently expected. 

Soon, he finds that leaving his past behind isn't as easy as he thought. His solution to the predicament of his life seemed to enhance his downfall. As he stumbles through the journey, he runs into individuals that seem to have it all together.

Now, as his judgement becomes hazy, he begins to see that perfect doesn't exist. And his hopeless case doesn't have to either.

*PRECAUTION: this book does have a little bit more of a deeper theme than some of my others. The characters' experiences may be a little excessive in terms of their past. Please keep that in mind before/as you read.*

{Started: August 6, 2016
Finished: December 26, 2016}

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annforever416 annforever416 May 15, 2017
This was heavy. How could a mother did it to her very own son? How?
behindthoselines__ behindthoselines__ Jun 30, 2017
Great start... Btw where did you get the Idea to write this story???
aururab aururab Aug 26, 2017
"Expecting impossible traits..." line is a very nicely worded line.
InnerPeaceNow InnerPeaceNow Oct 01, 2016
Nice observations of the human condition, in a more extreme case. I liked the humans are born human part. So often we expect each other to be perfect, not quite human. Thanks for the read.
- - Aug 06, 2016
I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing story. Your writing is very poetic, smooth and I loved it! I also love your cover. :)
BelieveInHisLove BelieveInHisLove Aug 29, 2016
AHHHHH!!!! I'm so excited for this!!! Great first chapter I was nearly in tears!!!😰