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Death by Boredom

Death by Boredom

11.3K Reads 4.1K Votes 200 Part Story
RRRISE UP By TheTMNTLeoFanForever Completed

My children, the seventh installment of this series has finally arrived. I advise you to run now before you fall into the void of fangirl attacks, my OCs, feels, fluff, rants, short stories, and especially, me screeching about sleepy fluff.

That's the scariest part.

[*Note: Heya! So as you can obviously see, this is my boredom book series ^^ I use boredom in the title of my books mainly as a way to distinguish mine from other books similar to mine--I'd appreciate it if others found a different title pattern for their books, just for creativity and identification's sake. I'm in no way trying to claim or copyright or anything like that, nor will I report you for just using the word in your title, so please don't get the wrong idea from this! Stay happy! :) ]

Pikochu Pikochu Jul 09, 2016
Shadana Shadana Jul 09, 2016
why hello, person I totally haven't met before, what is your animal preference? XD
sweaterkitty sweaterkitty Jul 09, 2016
you seriously just started up my fangirling of pokemon fan fictions again
                              And that's funny because i was literally working on Pokemon OCs last night
                              anD I NEED UR ADVICE ON THEM
Pikochu Pikochu Jul 09, 2016
nEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A NORMAL TYPE. That's why I carry around a Lopunny who can easily devastate my opponents with HMs. HMS OF ALL THINGS.
avian-fuvola avian-fuvola Jul 09, 2016
I'm like almost decent at art but I feel like I'd screw it up if I tried to draw him snuggling a Sylveon
avian-fuvola avian-fuvola Jul 09, 2016
this accurately represents my bd @ the trumpet section when they're Too Much™