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Lucy's Revenge

Lucy's Revenge

8.9K Reads 282 Votes 18 Part Story
RazerB By SoHai_MoMo Completed

Lucy Heartfilia, a member of Fairy Tail, doesn't know why her guild mates always hurt and ignored her for no particular reason. Even their guild master, Makarov, is ignoring her too. One day, she can't take the pain anymore and so she decided to leave the guild. Lucy met Zeref and she joined the strongest dark guild, Tartaros so she can get her revenge against fairy tail.

Can Lucy forgive fairy tail? Find out in this story

Completed: October 1, 2016

SoHai_MoMo SoHai_MoMo Jul 09, 2016
@NaluFairyTail_101 why don't you try creating a story 👍😊
Kawaiipotato2131 Kawaiipotato2131 Jul 25, 2016
SoHai_MoMo SoHai_MoMo Nov 24, 2016
@kiannedy_8 Yeah i mentioned that in the ending part. I'm really not good with that. but thanks for taking your time reading :)
kiannedy_8 kiannedy_8 Nov 23, 2016
I don't  like your Final chapter as much as your Epilouge,,,,,,
kiannedy_8 kiannedy_8 Nov 23, 2016
But your story is really good,,, very good,,,, except the final and epilogue
If you effin say she's weak, don't add the formality, "-san"